• Agile
  • Connected
  • Transparent
  • We are unwavering in our pursuit of excellence, and we don’t waste any time. We are efficacious thinkers and doers—prioritizing intellectually inventive ideas that we put through rigorous testing and due diligence. We overcome obstacles and meet demand with agility—fervently uncovering powerful solutions to tactical product fit and comfort, supply chain and delivery issues, and maneuvering carefully around manufacturing roadblocks. We are prolific tech-forward trailblazers focused on delivering the next generation of proven PPE through state-of-the-art design, innovative applications and exhaustive quality assurance.
  • We empathetically connect with the user’s needs. We are customer-first—nimble, perceptive, and accommodating to our buyer’s goals and challenges. We are here to serve, delivering exceptional PPE through frictionless purchasing and distribution and we are committed to our partner’s success. We are boldly beholden to perpetuating the domestic development of our products and are dexterously paving the way to bringing hundreds of manufacturing jobs back to the United States. We are connected to our community and devoted to serving the American people, proactively supporting non-profit initiatives for groups desperately in need of PPE.
  • We are honest, reliable, and ethical in making decisions and we pride ourselves on doing the right thing. We maintain a strict code of honor, sense of duty, and hold ourselves accountable to our promises. We uphold uncompromising governance over our manufacturing processes, quality management, material sourcing, and mitigating risk for our consumers. We are transparent and offer our partners and consumers access to operational insights through a proprietary open data platform. We are candid and believe in clarity—treating our customers with integrity and ardently delivering on track and on time.

Join us on this epic journey.

Founded in September of 2020, Aegle is still a startup—that means that you have the unique opportunity to join an organization where you will have the opportunity to truly affect change, influence our direction, and grow with a company that’s still figuring everything out. Have your eye set on particular perks? Our leadership team is listening. Have a unique skill set that’s been under-utilized in previous roles? Now is your time to shine.