Advancing PPE Technology
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Pioneering Anti-Counterfeit
Meet Our Track & Trace Open Data Platform

At Aegle we prioritize protecting our supply chain integrity and preserving public trust. That’s why we developed our Track & Trace Open Data Platform—a proprietary anti-counterfeit open data solution integrated directly into our PPE packaging. It’s critical to us that you can trust the masks, gloves, or gowns you have in hand are authentic and reliable and we intend to continue innovating ways to ensure the authenticity of our products and combat counterfeiting in today’s market.

NFC Technology

User-Friendly NFC
(Near Field Communication) tags have a globally unique, manufacturer-supplied, read-only identifier that can easily be read using an NFC-enabled smartphone—without the need for WiFi or Bluetooth.

Secure An NFC tag’s UID
(Unique Identification) cannot be changed or erased, allowing greater consumer confidence and providing secure supply chain transparency.

Supply Chain Data

Each chip and pin combination allows end-users to access purchased product- specific manufacturing data including, but not limited to, the manufacturer’s born-on date, product expiration date, batch, lot number, unique distributor identification number, raw material data, third-party and internal testing reporting.

Product Authentication

Easy to Use
When a user taps the NFC chip with an NFC-enabled smartphone, the data is reconciled against our database to verify the UID and manufacturing data encoded by our quality systems. If a single piece of this information hierarchy is misaligned, our system will flag the product as counterfeit.

Distribution Security

Track & Trace
Our data platform uses track-and-trace to profile units, batches, and lots of finished goods moving through the supply chain to ensure the source of origin and chain of custody.

Additional Protections
In addition to verifying product information and combating counterfeits, our platform uses GPS location to deter our products from entering the gray market.

100% Recyclable by 2025
We take sustainability seriously.
Research & Development
Domestically Produced
Raw Materials

Aegle is committed to produce N95 respirators using domestically sourced raw materials by December 2021. We have been working with several domestic raw material producers to manufacture “Made in America” N95 respirators in our Houston facility. Aegle has established a rigorous vendor qualification process to ensure highest quality raw materials in its products.

Product Innovation
Cutting Edge Healthcare Product Development

Aegle is focusing on delivering next generation masks, N95 respirators
and other PPEs.

— Transparent Masks:  A development program to improve visual communication between individuals has led to creation of a reusable transparent mask.
— Biobased Masks: Aegle has designed a 100% biobased N95 respirator design, which was selected in “Mask Innovation Challenge competition: Building Tomorrow’s Mask” competition by Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) in partnership with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Going Above & Beyond Compliance Testing
Quality Assurance Delivered