Not all Earloop Masks Are Created Equal

Not all Earloop Masks Are Created Equal

Not all Earloops are created equal

The *NIOSH-approved N95 respirator, with headbands that keep it in place, is the acknowledged gold standard in respiratory protection. We learned quickly, however, that many Americans prefer earlooped masks – like the Chinese-standard KN95, or the Korean KF94 to the N95. Sadly, the reality is that many Americans are risking their lives and wasting their money on imported KN95s that cannot protect them. That’s one of the reasons we created the Aegle Ease – and other lines of earloop masks – so you can be assured that you are being protected.

Most people believe that the KN95 standard is equivalent to the N95, assuming the US government or another government is verifying their effectiveness. No government anywhere is testing or certifying KN95s. Makers should adhere to the “self-certifying” standard, but there is no consequence for not adhering and the vast majority of makers do not.

In fact, the Centers Disease Control and Prevention says 60% of all imported KN95s in the US are counterfeit, fake or substandard. If you had a bowl of Skittles and you knew that 60% of them could injure you, would you risk eating one? And there are those who say 60% is generous. Other reports, the New York Times quoting research from Project N95 say that number of fakes can rise to 90% for masks bought on major online marketplaces.When tested by independent labs, some been found to filter out as little of 12 percent of particles. They’ve been found to contain fiberglass. If you are buying a KN95 mask online, it’s not a safe bet

KF94s are a different story. They are required to adhere to the Korean standard, and they are tested by the Korean government. But, just as in the KN95 market, fakes about. Essentially, if you don’t know who made it and when and how it was shipped, you shouldn’t trust it.

We created Aegle because of the rampant amount of fraud and supply chain murkiness that existed in the PPE market. And because we believe Americans should have American-made protection with a clear supply chain we can trust. It’s also why we include our patent-pending Authentication & Traceability technology in every box. The buyer can see where and when the mask was made and how it performed in testing. Not only does making authentic PPE here in America improve our health and security, it’s good for our economy. It creates good jobs for Americans.

We continue to make N95 respirators, which face rigorous and constant testing for authenticity and effectiveness. And although no one forces us to – we make our earloop masks with the same materials and processes as we do our NIOSH-approved masks, so you can trust them to protect you. Our new line of children’s masks – Aegle Kids – also come with earloops. Please know that unlike KN95s or other imported earloop masks, you will always be guaranteed of the quality and authenticity of our masks.

*National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety


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